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To Dealerships:

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Dealerships with a complaint about this site: I really hate to see bad ratings because they represent dissatisfied customers whose next vehicle may not be a Dodge because the customer blames Dodge for a bad dealership experience. This is bad for you the dealer (you will not sell vehicles) and bad for DaimlerChrysler. If you have bad ratings, you may have a few disgruntled customer who are very vocal, you may have some customers who can never be satisfied, or you may have personnel who need training to deal with unhappy customers.

Any dealership may request that all anonymous reports be removed (I remove the good with the bad), but you may get the pirate symbol beside your listing. I would like to have a contact for every dealership that customers could use to resolve a problem. This contact person would handle complaints before a report would be accepted for submission, and then provide the dealership side of the story is the customer still was not satisfied and submitted a bad report. The dealership must agree to allow customers who have attempted resolution through the contact person, to submit (without threats from the dealership) uncensored reports of their experience. Vague, general complaints will not be accepted; the customers must provide details about what was unsatisfactory. Those dealerships who are willing establish a complaints contact and work with me to keep this survey useful will not get the pirate symbol, and their page would have an entry to this effect (but you may submit your own wording if you prefer):

Xxxxxxx Motors would like to satisfy every customer. If you have a complaint with your experience here, please contact xxxxxxxx  Phone: xxxxxxxx  or email: for a resolution to your problem.

NOTE: Before you submit a report with a complaint about this dealership, please contact xxxxxxx and see if your problem can be resolved amicably. All submitted reports must include a valid email address (or phone number) so that I can contact you to verify that the report is not forged. Please include in your report, the date(s) you contacted the dealership representative, and what the representative's response to you was. Before your report is posted, I will check with xxxxxxx to see if you have first attempted to resolve your complaint through the dealership contact. If you have attempted to resolve a problem through the dealership contact and are still not happy, your report will be posted and the dealership will have the opportunity to present its side of the story. Dave F.

P.S.   Instead of threatening to kill my web site for the ratings assigned BY YOUR CUSTOMERS, please send me something positive about your dealership. I am always willing to add the dealer's side of the story, improvements that you have made to customer service, a change of ownership, or anything else that might reassure your customers that service is improving or did not really have a problem. Consider inviting your happy customers to submit a rating. Legal-mumbo-jumbo type threats will not make you look better to potential customers. Closing my web site will not make you popular among the tens of thousands of Dodge owners who visit here every day. ANY email you send to me may be posted on your survey page, so try to remain civil and sound intelligent. To email me, see the contact page.    Let's all work together to make Dodge a stronger product! Dave

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